Saturday, May 16, 2009

you'd think

that after 30 some years of getting periods, I'd be able to figure out when mine was on the way, and be somewhat prepared.

But my doctor put me on the pill after I was diagnosed with anemia, and it's been throwing me for a loop. Instead of having really, really heavy periods (they're still heavy, but not as bad, and it's only the second month) I get mildly depressed about two days before it shows up, and I think all things negative.

Well some of it is.

I did some quick calculations. Since they're pretty regular at the moment, my monthly torment should arrive promptly right in time for:

Wild Ginger witchcamp in June

My birthday in July

and....drum roll please


How did I get so lucky?


Maria said...

I went through menopause at 47 and to be honest, I was so relieved. I had been at the mercy of crazy ass periods and mood fluctuations for years and to have all that disappear was just....wonderful.

Anna said...

Seriously, Maria, I can't wait - now that I'm finished having kids, I just wish it would go away.

Anonymous said...

Oh the wonders of being a Woman...gotta love it.
Can't wait for the magical day of
Cheers to you Girl!

SOLO said...

Ditto Maria...once you get through Menopause, life is good. I wouldn't go back for anything. Good luck, Anna. Now you have to learn the 'one leg sweep' so you can flip the covers off at night when you start sweating!

Avril Fleur said...

My Mom went through menopause in her early 40's and since I seem to follow her in just about everything else, genetically speaking, I'm kind of hoping for that too. I wouldn't mind being over this whole period thing, since I have no intention of having kids now at this age! I realize menopause brings its own challenges, but she's been pretty lucky that way, so I'm hoping it will be "fairly" painless for me too.

Earth Muffin said...

You were born a woman, that's how you got so lucky!

Periods, pregnancy, childbirth...3 good reasons why I'm in favor of vasectomies! Let them go through some discomfort and give us a break for once.

Anna said...

Earth Muffin: Well, at least I don't have to worry about pregnancy anymore :)

And menopause seems to be a few years away yet. my mom was over 50.

Solo:I learned to do the one leg sweep when I weighed 300 pounds, because every day was sweltering under all that excess weight. Now I am always cold. Perhaps I need someone to warm me up :)