Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Just before I moved in February, I met M.

We're busy people. We don't get together very often.

I knew she was going to the Ferron concert at the end of April, but I didn't really expect to see much of her, because she was going with other friends. But when I walked into the Princess, there she was, looking over Ferron's CD's. She told me that she was hoping I would turn up...and so we sat together.

I'm sure none of you were there, but I was sitting with the crazy people in the second row.

About a month ago, I signed up for a writer's workshop, on her recommendation. She's going, as well. This morning she sent me a short e-mail. She wanted me to know how much she was looking forward to spending time with me on Saturday.

For some reason, this makes me very happy.


reeflightning said...

sounds promising - enjoy the course and the company ;-)

SOLO said...

Seize the moment! ;)

Are you attending the workshop or teaching it?

Anna said...

I will do both - enjoy myself and seize the moment.

Solo - I'm not teaching, just attending. I think I need a publishing credit or three before I try teaching :)

Earth Muffin said...

Yay for you!

Margo Moon said...

For some reason...That was a cute thing to say at just that point.