Monday, May 18, 2009


Okay, my eyes were opened. Enough said.

Okay, maybe not quite enough - I'm not completely was a lot of fun. Until my friends went out as a pair to put money in the parking meter and left me there by myself.

It was freakishly cold yesterday. I'm really glad that my daughter left her winter jacket in the car, because I needed to borrow it - and only realized that it was missing not one, but two buttons until I tried to do it up...

I love Toronto but I don't think I could live there. One side effect of living in a bigger city is that I would never eat at home. We had dumplings for lunch, at a place on Spadina...I forget the name, but it's really kinda seedy, and there are pictures on the wall of former prime ministers et cetera. But the food is fabulous. And we had supper at Sushi Time - amazing again.

And we went here

I bought two facial masks, and tried one last night...and ended up with a full-body allergic reaction, at one in the morning because I simply could not wait to try it until the next day.

Which meant that I had to defer trying out any other purchases I might have made for another day as well.

Today's a holiday.

You know what? I've been alone long enough.

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Earth Muffin said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself...and that you're ready to start looking around for someone! You deserve some happiness and some fun.