Sunday, November 1, 2009


First off...Kimber, I haven't finished yours yet. I'll try to do it tonight and post it tomorrow.

Remember, these are for entertainment purposes only!! :)

If  I'm right, I'll take all the credit. if I'm wrong, see the above clause..

(I don't read from a book...I go by my impressions and instinct, except in a few rare cases when I'm really stuck...and then I check a resource. Only if I have to.)

Earth Muffin:

Knight of Swords

This card represents someone with male energy. I don't make any assumptions about gender, so the person it refers to could be male, or a female with strong male energy.(but I'll call him 'he')..He relies on his intellect and verbal skills - perhaps at work and also during times of conflict. He'll take on any challenge, even when he's not sure where he's going, which sometimes leads to disaster.

Your relationship with this person has the potential to be difficult - at the moment you are in a place of safety, but he wields a sword, and sometimes he uses it. So you keep him in the open, where you can see him.

The nice thing is that this person usually has good intentions. He's not malicious, just a bit impetuous.

..if this person has not entered your life yet, he will, and I sense this may be work-related.

 7 of Pentacles

You've been working hard at something - working and working, and it seems to amount to nothing. It's like a garden that you've watered and cared for, and watched over very carefully. But you know how it is...a watched pot never boils. Even though it appears that your hard work will never pay off, don't give up. Your fears are really groundless. Some seeds take longer to germinate than others.

Some things flashed into my brain while I was looking at this card...don't forget to give the earth, or as in the threefold law. Whatever you do will return to you. All the earth will benefit from your efforts. Also - jars? Does that make any sense? And something about a letter of intent...

4 of Cups

You've been staring at the same old cups for too long. Things seem a bit dreary and dull - could there be some mild depression going on with you, or someone in your life? There are possibilities and opportunities that are not being considered. They are within your reach, but you are quite absorbed with what's in front of you (which may not be all that pleasant) so you are at risk of missing an opportunity. Cups represent emotion, so think in terms of relationships and personal fulfillment. You need to take a risk here, and out of that risk, from that opportunity you haven't yet found, or that you're ignoring because it is too scary to contemplate, you will reap a lot of benefits. Think your decisions through very carefully, and consider any and all possibilities, even the ones that seem a bit "out there."

Making Space

King of Pentacles...male energy again, of someone in your life or coming into your life. He's a bit earthy, possibly in the sense that he's good with money, or is attached to things of material value. It's kind of difficult to penetrate this person's exterior, and see what's beneath the very attractive outer package. It seems as though his attachment to the material may have left him a bit bereft in other ways...perhaps he lacks empathy, or he needs to develop more compassion. You've worked really hard at making something work - that's the sense I get. But you need to make sure that your effort is worth the pay off.

One thing that he needs to learn, is that abundance is more than money in the bank, or a fancy car in the driveway. True abundance can't be measured by modern standards. When you have family, health,love, and you're able to give and receive freely, true abundance is at hand.

The Emperor

oooh...a major arcana card.

The Emperor can refer to a system - like a large workplace or political system. Think of something where there are traditionally males in dominant roles. Or your father. Or the Catholic Church. Or the White House. You could be moving up within that system, if you work there. It's an uphill battle to get anywhere, sometimes. Even when you are in a position of authority, there is a hierarchy to think about, and gnash your teeth at...the Emperor as a person could be someone who has trouble showing their feelings, and may be hiding a strong attachment to you. If you're interested, be persistent, because this card represents someone who may be intellectual, but has a hidden passionate side.

( I had to rely on the book more for the above card than any other...)

5 of Cups

There's been a loss. The end or breakdown of a relationship, someone that you're trying to move away from, and you're feeling a profound sense of grief, which sometimes overshadows everything that you've gained. Remember, though, that nothing is ever really lost. It's time for you to turn attention away from the negative outcome, and focus on what you've retained or gained from the experience. Even if the liquid in the cups have been spilled, it hasn't been wasted. The liquid inside can nourish the soil, and returns itself back into the earth. There is a cycle of renewal and healing in all things. Hope remains, there are cups that are still full. Don't be afraid of spilling them, or losing their precious content. Drink deeply from them, savour the joy they bring you. It may not be the outcome that you once envisioned for yourself, but you will ultimately gain, and receive tremendous fulfillment (of the emotional, relationship kind) with the liquid that remains.

It's all very sexual or romantic, it seems. Does that make sense?

Okay - Eileen Pennington

(and you're really the only person that I don't have some kind of off-blog relationship with. I've never seen your picture, so I'm flying totally blind here. Let's see how accurate I am...)

5 of Wands reversed

I get a workplace here. It seems to be a present situation, ongoing. What's blocked you from moving forward are petty jealousies and gossip. Everyone is competing against one another, trying to look good for "the boss" by making other people look bad. Are there squabbles over something like tips? A hair salon? Wherever you are, people are being incredibly catty, and it seems inevitable that you've been caught up in some of these games. If this is a current situation, be very cautious. You need to take an objective look at a situation and make careful, well-considered decisions. Someone, possibly more than one person, is trying to deceive you in order to move up in the pecking order.

All that being said, do you really want to work there? Which leads to the next card

Ace of Wands

You're about to receive a blessing. Wands are about passion, and you're going to be given a chance to follow your passions. Perhaps this will come in the form of a new relationship, but I'm getting the sense that you feel passionate about something - that you do some kind of creative work that's very satisfying, that's rooted in your soul. There's an opportunity there...

Think about the goddess Brighid, all red-headed and fiery, goddess of the forge, of music, and creativity. All of those things are soul nourishing...and yeah, I know that soul work doesn't put food on the table, but as I said, you have this opportunity coming your way, which will benefit and affect your entire life. When the gift or blessing appears, be prepared to take advantage of it, or you could lose it forever.

The Empress

See, good things are coming. I see this card as associated with both work-related fulfillment and a change in relationship. Don't let the pregnancy images scare you - the Empress is all about bringing things to fruition. You are about to move from one life stage to the next - just as the Empress is transitioning from Maiden to Mother...something you're doing will bear fruit and you'll be birthing something - a project, an idea...and I get a strong sense that there is a positive change coming on the relationship front.

That's all for now, folks. Hope that at least some of it makes sense.


Propane Amy said...

Heyyyyyy, I didn't know you did this. Can we do me?? Yeaaaa, do me!! LOL

LilliGirl said...

Very cool. Me too? Pretty please?

Camlin said...

Yes! For both of you, because I love you both.

It will take a day or two to get them done and post them.

Making Space said...

Camlin, WOW. You are so right on. The three things in my life right now that have been more on my mind than anything else. I am so amazed. Thank you so much for the advice on each scenario. It's exactly what I needed. I'm just astonished - no words to describe how much this was what I needed/wanted to hear. Bless you!

Camlin said...

MS you are so welcome! some point, perhaps you can email me and elaborate a bit. This is my first serious attempt at reading for other people, and I'm a bit curious...

Making Space said...

I will in fact elaborate in an email. Yes indeedy.

shane rocket said...

meeeee tooooo sounds like fun. :) but i am totally gonna but in front of that ames, she is shorter than me.!!! bwahahaha

kimber p said...

I'm really looking forward to hearing what you're going to see for me--I've got a lot on my mind right now and it'd be crazy cool if you picked up on any of that....

Earth Muffin said...

Thank you so much. Some of it rang very true...the King of Swords certainly applies to a couple of new students I just got, and elements of the others were dead-on in what I consider to be a problem I'm having with my oldest son's behavior. Jars and a letter of intent, however? Not so much... Anyway, I love this kind of stuff and I'll be chewing on your insights for a while. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

nice, doing readings over the internet. I am not so sure I could. I am so much better reading one on one. I read tarot cards and have been proven to do really well but again, one on one. I have been realized recently that I can sense things over the phone too but still kind of leary on that yet.

Camlin said...

Dragon - reading on the internet is interesting - you don't have facial expression or body language of any kind to rely on, so it's just you and the cards, and whatever comes up as you's hit and miss for sure.

EM - jars can be looked at in two ways - either a container or that which is contained....Think also about how it's used as a verb - something that jars, or is jarring like a shock, or an unexpected, unpleasant experience.

as far as the letter of intent...were you thinking of doing some upgrading or prof. development?

Rocket - you're on the list!

jilliebean said...

My ex-husband does this as well, and as I hear, is quite good at it. I've never let him do a reading on me.... because there are things that I don't want him to know! I feel that it's a bit too intrussive for him to do! But I would love for you to do a reading for me! I find them interesting!