Sunday, November 8, 2009

for Lilli

I did your reading last night in my hotel room in Niagara Falls.

No, I am not that boring. Emily was with me. She needed to sleep and I wasn't ready. Megan was...out. Doing things that 20 year olds do in cities with bars and casinos.

Lilli, I drew four cards for your reading.

You know how scary it is now to think that I might get something wrong - be so far off that people will think I'm a fraud? Pressure....


4 of Pentacles

Those who have felt a financial pinch at one time or another can strongly empathize with the figure on this card (if I was not so lazy I would find and post images, but if you're curious, you can do a Google Image search. my deck is called the Mystic Dreamer tarot, but it's based on the Waite deck). Money has slipped through your fingers - for some reason it wasn't used wisely. Perhaps it was taken. However it happened, what remains is precious - held tightly and treasured. For some people, this can turn into miserliness, but I think that you are careful rather than tight-fisted. This is a natural response sometimes. When you've been hungry, or you've faced eviction, it is hard to let go and trust that the Universe will take care of you. But it will. Abundance comes in many forms - think of how you are surrounded by love and laughter. Your needs are being met, and they will continue to be met. Money is not what is holding you back. Visualize it - see yourself in abundance, and know that you are worthy. Allow yourself the freedom to choose what path you most desire. Doing what you love will bring both freedom and sustenance.

6 of Wands

I drew this card for Amy's reading, but there is a slight twist to my interpretation...

There's no reason to fear success. For some reason I'm getting this internal struggle, as if you are your own worst enemy. You've been out there on the battlefield, you've grown weary. You are headed home, and all along, your battle has been with your own inner sense of self. You are worthy. You can and will do this. It's time to release those fears and claim the success that's waiting for you. Something you may want to consider: what do you get out of holding yourself back? Perhaps you're validating all the negative thought patterns that have been with you for years, the ones that others created, that you still unconsciously believe. "See?" you tell yourself, "I knew I couldn't do it. I was right."

Let go of all that, and see how quickly things turn around for you.

(at this point, I'm wishing that I could follow my own advice....)

Page of Cups

She doesn't call a lot of attention to herself. She is a quiet part of the landscape, and that shy, soft demeanor is what is so compelling - her spirituality shines through, almost like a glow on her skin. She has a connection, a oneness with all living things, human and otherwise. She reveres them as holy, and in their turn, they revere her. She is grounded, firmly rooted in time, and very present in her own life. At the same time, water is her element. She is near it, in it, surrounded by waves that murmur on shore as often as she can be. She's offering you something. If you accept what she offers, there will be some kind of movement, or change. It will be gradual, natural and positive, like the movement of waves against the shoreline where the earth is eroded little by little, creating a new landscape.

XXI - The World

I love ending readings with this card.

The world is a living, breathing entity, and you are a part of it. Like any living thing, the world experiences a range of emotions, actions, physical disasters and transformations, changes, and blessings. We look for world peace and harmony. We seek the connectedness of all living things. We wish abundance for all, and some day the world will become all that we dream.

You are the world, at its fullest energy, its most beautiful state. You're moving into a very creative, productive and fulfilling time of your life. What you seek, whether it be in relationships, in your work, or with your family - you will find it. Dream big! It's time to dance! (save one for me, too!)

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LilliGirl said...

Thank you. I really do appeciate this and it's actually very relevant. Thank you so much.