Saturday, November 7, 2009

for propane amy

(for those of you still waiting - I'm going to try and get everyone's readings done thins weekend. I'm going away - but I'll take my tarot cards and netbook. Emily goes to sleep early, and what else is a single mom going to do in a Niagara Falls hotel room? If I wasn't taking the kids, well, y'all would have to wait longer....)

Amy, this reading blew me away. I start off most readings with three cards, but if something confuses me, or if it's not clear, I'll draw one or more clarifying cards. So when I did your reading, I ended up with six, in the following order:

6 of Wands
The Hermit
9 of Wands
10 of Wands
9 of Pentacles

When the same suit shows up in a reading like have to pay attention. Wands are aligned with the direction South, and the element of Fire. The season is summer. Sexuality, passion, inspiration, optimism, energy, movement, creativity, travel and inner journeys are all associated with wands. Cups are aligned with emotion, so cups are more about relationships. Wands, to me, come up when you are figuring out who you are, and you are deciding and defining what's important in your life. What, or who are you passionate about? What inspires you? Read a little bit about the goddess Brighid - she is the goddess of the forge, of creativity, healing and music. Fire by nature is transformative. Fire causes great destruction, but it is a powerful agent of change.

The number 9, which appears twice in your reading, signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of something new. There is a lot of change taking place right now - some of it will not be easy, but you also have a 6 in your reading - 6 is generally a card of success and harmony, which may come after some hard work.


6 of Wands

The dark knight rides home after battle. She carries the wreath of victory, but her head is bowed, her posture weary. Behind her are fog-shrouded hills. Before her lay golden, fruitful fields. She has achieved success, but there has been a cost...the struggle is behind her, but she's still haunted by the memories of the battlefield. This is preventing her from truly savouring her victory.

IX The Hermit
(Major arcana cards are usually indicators of larger, overarching themes that are coming into plat at this point in your life. These are struggles you have grappled with, lessons that your soul needs/needed to learn in order to move forward, indicators of major events or significant changes that are taking place....)

The Hermit is a mysitc, a seer, a seeker. He carries a lantern to light his way, and a staff to help him over the rougher places on the path. But although in this part of his journey he walks alone, he is not lonely. His life is full - filled with thoughts, plans, theories. he takes time to contemplate and meditate. Everyone needs solitude of this nature at some point in their lives - you long for a relationship, or companionship, and you will receive what you desire when the time is right. But at the moment, you're being called to walk a solitary path. You have a lot of thinking to do, which takes time and space. Your gain from this temporary isolation is movement forward in your development and on your soul path. You will reach a place of enlightenment. You will know.

XI  Justice

When I think about this card, in relation to the Hermit, and in relation to what I sense from you, I think about the flow of time and tide. Time heals. The force of water can effect great changes in a short period of time. Justice has already been served, but I sense that you, or someone connected to you is still punishing themselves for something - a mistake made, or perhaps a promise broken. Take the lesson you've learned and run with it. Absolve yourself. And realize that you've been your own worst enemy. There's no need to keep yourself under lock and key anymore - you've served your time, the natural progression of your life has moved you forward. Now you are free.

(I wrote this yesterday, and today in the car, I listened to a song that says it all - my friend Chris MacLean wrote it, and it's on her new CD...if I remember, I'll try to post the lyrics tomorrow, but the title of the song is "Let Yourself In." It's all about learning to free yourself of guilt, and learning to live with love and forgiveness. I'd post it now, but the lyrics are in the car....)

9 of Wands

Nine as a number signifies the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Life is filled with such beginnings and endings.

you've reached a decision, a point of no return, but you hesitate at the gate. Your way is still forward, but you've taken some time to think. The next steps will be difficult, and enormous, and they will take enormous reserves of strength. Don't kid yourself - it will be hard. It really is necessary to "take a moment" right now. But the next step? It's the beginning of something new, and wonderful. When you finally move forward, you won't look back.

10 of Wands

I relate wands with passion p sometimes they can represent sexual passion, and sometimes they can also be about work, or your life's calling. There's a lot of struggle going on here, an almost overwhelming burden you're carrying. You've almost made it home, but the load is so....heavy. You feel like you can't take another step. But, like a marathon runner on his last dash, there is strength inside you that you don't even know you have, which will carry you over the finish line. Rest if you need to. Don't allow yourself to become obsessed, especially with the small details. They will sort themselves out. Know that you will summon the strength to carry the load.

9 of Pentacles

pentacles are associated with north, earth, and winter

Here you stand,surrounded by beauty. The world literally rests at your feet. The earth is a bountiful place. Nine again - endings and beginnings. This card refers to your material possession, your values, your home, your roots and your branches. This card points to a fruitful result. Hard work planting, tilling and weeding...but you love putting your hands in the dirt, and the paradise you're cultivating is so very beautiful. The harvest is even better than you hoped for! But, be sure to leave an offering, some thanks, a token to give back to the earth because she has been very generous. You are indeed blessed with bounty. The key is understanding the nature of true abundance, and knowing where to find it.

Hope you can find some relevance in what I've written!

( that the time??? No wonder I'm so tired.....)


kimber p said...

mother of all that is holy...Amy is gonna flippin freak out. There's not one element of this reading that doesn't, Camlin, are amazing.

I wanted you to know also, that I'm making a donation in your name to our local animal shelter to thank you for the beautiful reading you did for me :)

Propane Amy said...

Um. Yea. What Kim said....LOL

I really don't know what to say. This really is right on. I'm in a little shock right now.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

shane rocket said...

crap- that is ames!!! :)

Camlin said...

Kimber - that is so lovely! Thank you.

Ames - I hope it was helpful.

Honestly -it's not me. I've just figured out how to become the channel. I suck at reading for myself. And I think that because I have some social anxieties, I might find it more difficult to read in person. But when I'm alone at night, I just lay out the cards, open my notebook and let myself go.

Okay, so I still have readings to do for Lilli, Rocket, Windy (or was it Margo?, Jilliebean...and one person who emailed me privately. Have I forgotten anyone?

You know, I get better at this every time I do a reading. Thansk so much for letting me practice!

small town dyke said...

this made the hair on my neck stand up. you are amazing.

Making Space said...

Love how spot on all these readings are. I felt the same way about my reading. Couldn't believe how all-encompassing it was.

And I just have to say, as an Amy, that Propane Amy is the world's best blog name EVAH and I'm totally freakin' jealous every time I see it. Humph. And congrats.

Camlin said...

Well, I think Soprano Amy's pretty cool - you can be singer or gangsta, as you choose...of course, I am just a jealous alto....