Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the muse strikes

Boston, August 2009:

My letter
falls from his fingers
and he turns
his head
facing sunlight
streams in misted windows.
Sorrow and
tears of blood, shed.
Should he light a
for my wayward soul?
His halo glows
as the wooden rosary
around his neck.
Brown rough cotton
thick rope knotted
bursting seams,
he bows his obedience.

Somewhere, that same month:

I watch you sleep
arm tucked
behind your head
breasts full,
like the moon
we rest under.
This is all the
holy I need.


Earth Muffin said...


m.m.sugar said...


Anonymous said...

very nice!

~seelenschmerz~ said...

VERY nice piece :-)
btw....this little bittie from my P.I.C. to you:

"Note to Camlin or for You to pass on to her....check out WOODS - Women Out of Doors is a lesbian run group in the area of Waterloo that holds a lot of exciting events and allows you to get to know more people in your area. I had a great time with them for the years I lived in KW. Just passing on the goodness! : ) "

Anonymous said...

"This is all the holy I need"
What a glorious last line.

Beautiful poem. Thank you.

Camlin said...

Thanks, everyone. I love positive feedback!

seelenschmerz - I've heard of HOWL (hanging out with lesbians, but I've never heard of WOODS. I'll have to look it up. I spend a lot of time in Guelph, where most of my friends are. I need to meet more KW people.