Monday, June 1, 2009

advice please

Wild Ginger witch camp is less than two weeks away! And I am so excited as I always am...there are so many things that happen for me there. I came out to people for the first time while I was there last year (really, you couldn't ask for a more supportive environment).

I love ritual, and I especially love big rituals with tons of people that I know and love...and a few that I don't know at all...anyways...

The following message came from my group list, and it really intrigues me:

hi witches. the saturday night ritual planning group would like to invite you to a masquerade ritual.
> please come to the ritual masquerading as one of the following:
> chauvinist
> feminist
> gender
> mother nature
> dragon.
> please brings items to wear and share... be as creative or as boring as you like.
> consider: face paints, masks, costumes, props, etc. please keep the environment in mind...

So if you were going, how would you choose to costume yourself? Why?

I need to think about my costume and what I want to do. I've already ruled out the "dragon" option.....


Anonymous said...

This sounds like fun! I'd wear a tie, draw on a mustache and wear lipstick.

Anonymous said...

I love rituals too. The feeling from them, the energy from them, just feels all around great!!

Well of course, my costume would be a dragon costume for the obvious reasons. I would find probably find a dragon mask or paint my face green. I already have a dragon cloak.

Anna said...

If my name was Dragon...there would be no question either!

Anna said...

Greg - I was kind of toying with something like that...or copping out and dressing as Mother Nature - I have clothes that would work, and I could paint my body/arms/face. But it's almost too easy, and I think I need to push myself a bit...

Earth Muffin said...

If I were wanting to play it safe, I'd choose Mother Nature because that one is pretty easy.

However, if I were feeling creative, I'd most likely go with chauvenist and have a lot of fun with that costume. Trucker hat, bad beer t-shirt, carpenter crack jeans, I'd even draw a naked lady tattoo on my forearm.

Maria said...

Oh, God...this sounds like something I would avoid like the plague. No offense...I even hate halloween parties.

Anna said...

Earth Muffin -A chauvinist in a circle of feminists and witches... that would have a risk-taking element - you'd have to be pretty comfortable in your own skin to pull it off.

Maria - it's the spiritual element that draws me and the energy of the rituals that keep me going back, year after year. The energy is amazing - but if neither spirituality or dressing-up/role-play appeals to you, you probably wouldn't enjoy it.

I'm really having fun with this :)

Sinnerviewer said...

I would come as a vagina. No doubt.