Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm back.

It was amazing, as usual. And, just like every year, I need to process what happened for me while I was there. I process with pen and ink, and eventually some of my thoughts will find there way here...but not yet.

Which leaves me with the paradox of being full of words and simultaneously wordless.

So I'll share some photos that I've taken over the last week or so, including a couple of shots taken at unicamp.

The pond at unicamp. Taken on "Bob's Beach" on our last day:

Me and one of my roomies. This is what I look like after four days at camp.

Another shot of the pond.

I took greg's fine suggestion and attended the masquerade as mother nature with a mustache.

Emily and I fooling around with the new camera as she waits for a haircut. I posted this one because you really can't see her face.

Bunnies frolicking in my back yard

Why I love where I live: Trees


More trees

I live a block away from two of the busiest streets in Waterloo, but you'd never know to look at the pictures. It's a prefect place for me.


shane rocket said...

cool- the bunny one is my favorite!!! just barely in the shot yet ya know he's coming...

Anonymous said...

Well look at you! Very nice! I look forward to reading all about your adventure.

reeflightning said...

so glad you had a happy time! pretty pics, i am (almost)tempted to take my camera out ...
btw your hair is fabulous!

Dawg said...

Were you able to rejuvenate while learning?

Camlin said...

Shane- it was really hard to get the bunnies in the shot. They were chasing each other around the back yard, and every time I snapped a picture, they moved.

Greg - thanks. And thanks for the suggestion.

Reef - and it's all natural too! Not too bad for almost 44.

Dawg - I would rejuvenate better if Emily would learn to sleep while we're there. But Unicamp is a very wonderful place, and we had lots of quiet time. It was too cold for me to swim (and that stupid female thing...) but Em and I sat on the beach for a few hours every day.

~seelenschmerz~ said...

girl, your photos are beautiful! btw, i'm an old "Kitchener" girl myself...grew up there when my family moved there from Europe..and GREG is not only a major hottie but gives good advice...love the masquerade photo!

btw, thanks for stopping by ;-)

Camlin said...

seelenschmerz - you're not German by any chance?

The masquerade was incredible!