Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I love my country.

I love the fact that same-sex couples can legally marry here.

But I feel compelled to add that I'm aware that our reputation in human rights and environmental matters is far from spotless.

I'm not a big fan of Stephen Harper and I hope he never gets a majority government. In fact, I'll be doing everything I can to actively prevent that event from taking place.

The Harper government has drastically cut funding for the office of the Status of Women, closed many branch offices and changed its mandate.

They have not touched medicare yet, but made some noise about how private health care might save taxpayer dollars.

Omar Khadr is still at Guantanamo. He was 15 when he was captured. While I am not a fan of his family's political statements, he was a child when he was taken captive. Did my kid have a clue when she was 15? The Conservatives have done absolutely nothing to secure his release.

A federal court ordered the government to allow Abousfian Abelrasik back into the country, stating that the government has no grounds to refuse him re-entry. the government refuses to comply.

Aboriginal reserves are like third world countries. Many people have little or no access to clean water and adequate health care.

Aboriginal land claims have languished, unsettled, for decades. While the federal government formally apologized for the residential school fiasco, many people awaiting compensation have yet to be paid.

The Harper government has taken actions that endanger our water supply, and refuse to honour environmental agreements that previous governments enacted.

If Harper gets his majority, marriage rights may once again be on the table, even though he claims the issue is closed.

One in five people live in poverty in the province of Ontario.

No government is perfect.There's always something. But as much as I love my country, I don't want to paint Canada as a perfect mecca - a human rights vanguard, because in many ways, it is not.

I do have a stake in what's happening in the US. Our prime minister is watching.


Solo Homo said...

Did G. Bush move to Canada??

You're gov't is perfect, but I think the U.S. can still examine and explore the framework for the Canadian Marriage law.

I still think you should be our Liason, Camlin!

Camlin said...

Stephen Harper agreed with a number of US policies when G.W was in office. But conservatives in this country need to at least appear left-leaning before they get into power, because most of the country is moderate to liberal, with a few deep pockets of conservativism. Only when his party has a majority government will we see his true colours, and I don't think they're pretty.

I'll still be your liason :)

And in this case, I think the US does have something to learn from Canada - well, and with medicare as well, but that's a whole other blog post.

Robin said...

To me, the most interesting feature of Canadian politics is the way it so successfully flies below the radar.

I'm an American (despite the discomfort that rises in my chest when I write those three words so plainly) who has lived only 5-6 hours from Canada for many years now, I am quite well read, and I literally have no idea who the politicians are, what the issues are, what the state of affairs are in Canada. You're largely missing from news. I know a lot about other countries, including some on the other side of the world. But Canada largely seems like our phenomenally quiet neighbor to the north.

Why is that?

Camlin said...

Robin, I started writing a response to your comment, but it got longer and longer, so I emailed you instead!

Anonymous said...

Yes, like you said, you can't win with everything. All governments have their flaws. Hell politics in general is flawed.

Ang said...

I love your blog. It is interesting to find out things about Canada. I don't know a lot about your country and I find it interesting. Thanks

Avril Fleur said...


And that's all I have to say about that!

Maria said...

Would you believe that Canada is one of the few countries that I have not visited/ Isn't that a pity...

Dawg said...

I love the states, but I'm proud to be Canadian ... and I prefer living in Canada.

We aren't perfect, but we are friendly!!

Camlin said...

Maria - when I was a kid, there used to be a television commercial for Red Rose Tea. In every commercial, someone with a Brit accent would say "Only in Canada you say? Pity."

Dawg - you're absolutely right. We're not perfect, but I'm proud to be Canadian, and I'd rather live here than anywhere else.