Sunday, April 26, 2009

six degrees

We were playing "six degrees" on Friday night.

I'm two degrees of separation away from a few musicians that I admire.

KS also pointed out to me that courtesy of a mutual friend, I am two or three degrees separated from every aboriginal writer in North America. And the one I admire the most is the parter of aforementioned mutual friend.

I am blessed.

The storms have passed, the air outside is fresh and cool. I'm sleeping with the windows open tonight. Perhaps the light breeze and distant thunder will colour my dreams.


Maria said...

We slept with the windows open for one night and then it got cold again. And of course, I had foolishly planted my pansies too early and now I check the temp every morning, cringing at the 34 degree. Poor flowers.

Anna said...

We have little icicle pansies that do really well in cooler we've had some warm days, and some more rain. Everything is green and beautiful. I miss my old garden!