Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My computer lives! It almost ended its days as a linux machine, but I begged, whined and pleaded until the holders-off-all-tech-knowledge conceded and re-installed Windows for me. Thank the goddess for small mercies! I think that linux is great if you can program....but you can't upload or download anything if you have a non-technical brain like mine.

The news, in brief

-My ex was given his employment termination notice yesterday. We are not panicking, no we are not. We (meaning I) are just slightly worried. We have enough to last for about two months. If my hours had not been reduced, I wouldn't feel nearly as anxious. But the job I have becomes full-time again in early July...given the number of new ECE grads who are out there looking for work (most community college programs finish up in April)I am far better off staying where I am. N has one contract and is close to acquiring another, which would be equivalent to full-time employment. But I find him to be overconfident sometimes, which I think leads him to some level of arrogance...which is not good if you are looking for employment. And he's overqualified for a lot of things. Contract is probably the way to go.

-our new piano arrives tomorrow. It is a giveaway, a relative of my sister-in-law decided she was tired of it, not long after having it tuned. I play a bit. I want it for Emily, not that we can afford lessons right now.

-My little hellion is running around small-town Ontario telling everyone who cares to listen, and even those who don't, that girls CAN marry girls and boys CAN marry boys because her mom says so. Her child care teachers have mixed feelings regarding this topic (as I well know because it is also my workplace) but she is unstoppable. And loud. And determined to marry a little girl in her day care class - she was not pleased when I told her that marriage was something that had to be chosen by both parties involved. I labour under the delusion that I am not out at work.

-also in the small child department - I have given up trying to stop Emily from singing "Lucystoners" and instead taught her what the song means, and why it is important. And that some parents may object to some of the words in the song. She heard it once, by accident, almost a year ago. She has never forgotten the chorus. But her favourite part is the "woo-hoo" that happens after the chorus. She has decided that it is better to sing "little perennials" at school and day care.

-the older daughter is progressing on the guitar but we are easily sidetracked. Today she showed me this karaoke website and we ended up spending the entire hour singing duets and suchlike. it was great fun. I will not link to the site because you might find my singing, and although I sing well, I am my own worst critic. I grit my teeth whenever I hear a mistake.

- I have been writing a lot, which is good. I'm happy to have the computer back because I have a lot of editing to do.

-I'm saving up my tutoring money for Michfest. I make about $160 a month tutoring, so I should be able to go, unless Emily's dad is not working by then, because things will be really, really unstable at that point. It won't happen.

For your listening pleasure or displeasure, depending upon your taste in music:

Hope your spring days are warming up!

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