Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my world this minute

This morning's post is actually the text of an email I sent to my lovely friend KS - it's pretty much everything I want to say about last night's concert and life in general at the moment. I hope everyone has a wonderful, loving, productive day!

The Indigo Girls were incredible. Amazing. And they played all my favourite songs. When they do a Canadian date I am taking Emily along - there was a group of about six girls in front of us with their mom. I would have brought her except for the hassle of bringing a kid across the border without both parents present.

I left at 3:45 - I wanted to leave at 3, but you know....and it would have taken about 2.5 hours to get there, if it wasn't for the flawed nature of all things technological. We set our parents GPS to The University of Buffalo and ended up in some urban neighbourhood somewhere that in no way resembled a university campus.

Whereupon we laughed like idiots for about five minutes. I had to pull the car over because I was laughing so hard. I think it has something to do with the GPS voice system - that modulated, gentle tone that calmly says "Arriving at Destination" (can you not see the capital letters in your mind?). And here we are, in what is supposed to be a university campus, and we're surrounded by wooden houses circa 1920, with no university in sight. We learned a powerful lesson - there were two entries for the University of Buffalo, and we inadvertently picked the misspelled one. Well, there you go...I have sent the GPS back to my parents' house, and from now on will use the time-honoured method of following maps to navigate myself.

My dad is one of those people that names things. The gps' name is apparently Jenny. But he only calls it Jenny when my mom is not around,because he bought it for her (ha!) and she doesn't think he should have the right to name things that are hers.

The concert was at the University of Buffalo Center for the Arts - a pretty big venue. Bigger than River Run...and it was sold out, from all appearances. I've always thought they would be better live (and you know how I love their music) and they are...simply incredible. They played a good mix of their new stuff and some of the old faves - you know, Closer to Fine, Galileo...Amy sang a song off the new CD called True Romantic, which I never really liked, until she did it live. She brought the house down...when she gives her all vocally, it's a sight to behold. And I love watching her jump around on stage. When she's into it, she's really into it. My seats were okay...the energy from the crowd was amazing, and it was great to take Megan, who grew up on IG music.

But the size of the venue meant that there was no chance to meet and greet the performers.

I am recovering (this morning) from a fight with Norm - over fucking boots! That I brought to his place and he can't find, therefore he has declared that I never brought them and I must be wrong. Worth yelling at me, for sure. And "he" doesn't understand "my" attitude. All my problem, none of his. The usual crap, and I'm really tired of it.

Egads! I need serenity in my life for sure.

I'm liking Camlin (for those of you who are reading this as a blog post, Camlin is my "magical" name, a name I use in circle, for blogging, and suchlike), but I don't hear it enough. It suits me. I want it to become me.

I hope you packed some red wine to go along with your negotiations. That would make things go much more smoothly!!! I'll be thinking of you today as I mull over household budgets and lost boots.


Camlin xxoo


Maria said...

So, did you find the damn boots?

Anna said...

No boots as of 10 pm Tuesday night. I think they've vapourized.

Avril Fleur said...

We named our GPS Gabby. 'Cuz she talks a damn lot! "One half mile, keep right. Keep right, one half mile."

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to see IG's! We're off to the Inman Park festival this weekend! I hope you have a great weekend as well!