Saturday, August 2, 2008

12:40 a.m.

And its not like I have insomnia or anything.

I'm sitting in a hospital in SW Ontario. Having not been in a waiting room in a long time, it's interesting to note that there is a computer and internet access here. Anything to take my mind off....

It was better when my family was here. It was easier when my SIL needed the support. But she's in the trauma unit with my brother and I'm supposed to be sleeping. Or resting, because nobody really sleeps when they're in a waiting room, do they? Fortunately I've had limited experience with these sorts of things.

My brother always got away with everything when we were kids. He was the one who got everyone else in trouble, but managed to stay clean (until middle brother took over, but then again he never really did anything wrong). He had (and has) a wicked sense of humour and a mostly positive attitude about everything. He would hide my things and watch me look for them. He once filled an eggshelll with water and broke it over my head. He knows how to organize people to do his work for him.

When we were both in a minor car accident, when he was three and I was five, his nose started to bleed. The nice lady who helped us gave him a cookie, but I didn't get one. I rubbed my nose and complained a lot, but that didn't help.

When we were older, he would save his money and buy things that he knew I wanted in order to make me jealous. He admitted to this many years later.

He was eighteen when he had a serious car accident that could have taken his life. He managed to get through with a lot of broken bones, but no internal injuries.

We have always been close. He drives me crazy. I love him.

Today he was electrocuted at work. We won't know for at least another twenty-four hours, how much, if any brain damage he has sustained. It is hard to look at him, so still and quiet. I gather my strength and send him what healing energy I can. I wait quietly, and I do things to keep busy. Make phone calls, offer to drive, sit and wait.

Sit and wait.

I hope that his good fortune and strength are with him. I can't bear the thought of him being any different than he's always been.


Earth Muffin said...

I'm not a praying person, which it seems you appreciate, but my thoughts are with you. I hope nothing but the best for you and your family. Far-away hugs to you!

Maria said...

Oh, sweetie...big good thoughts headed right towards you. Please keep us informed, yes?

Camlin said...


He's getting better.

Mon said...

Oh Arial, I'm so sorry. I didn't catch up on this until just now. How freaking scary. I read the post after this first, and my heart stopped, but I'm glad to know he is getting better. You are absolutely in my thoughts...hang in there and update when you can.