Monday, March 30, 2009


I should write something here. After all, I've done nothing and I have three followers.... I was going to begin by telling the story of my trip through the labyrinth, but I have ten minutes before I leave for work, so it must wait...perhaps tonight.

Small glimpses of my life:

- my copy of Poseidon and the Bitter Bug arrived via Amazon today. I can't wait to get in the car and drive to work!

-I blew all my spending money for the next month on tickets to the IG concert in Buffalo on April 20th. And Ferron comes to town on the 30th....

-I'm teaching my eldest how to play guitar. I know she'll learn fast (RCM grade 6 vocal, preliminary rudiments, grade 3 piano before she hit the eighth grade) but I'm flattered that she asked me to teach her! I never thought that playing "this Land is your land" would be so much fun...

-speaking of Megan, she's auditioning for a local production of "Tommy." While she'd like to be cast as the 'acid queen' (she tells me that Tina Turner played this role in the movie), she's still recovering from being hit by a car in November, and may not be the flashiest dancer...she can barely walk. But she can sing!

-on the other hand, Emily has more enthusiasm than talent. She's loud, I'll give her that. And if she keeps singing Hannah Montana songs I will lose my mind. She likes Amy Ray, too, but refers to her as Jamie Ray and thinks she's a boy. I showed her my T-shirt. She wasn't convinced.

-I had a conversation with her that I thought I'd be safe from for at least another five years. It went something like "No, you cannot dye your hair. You are too young." E: "But mom, K (insert name of child at day care here) dyed her hair purple. Her mom let her. I'm going to dye my hair and you can't stop me." I may be a progressive mom (Megan did all that and more in her adolescence), but I draw the line at five year olds cosmetically enhancing themselves.

Oops, it's 1:30. Gotta run!

3 comments: said...

A) You have more than 3 followers :)
B) I hope you like Poseidon and the Bitter Bug more than I did! :)

Anna said...

I listened to the studio version once, and then I listened to the acoustic version. I like the pared-down version much better. Emily was in the car while I was listening, and she politely asked me to stop singing so that she could learn the words. Perhaps something from that CD will replace "Lucystoners" in her repertoire (she heard it once and never forgot the chorus). I asked her if she liked and she seriously nodded her head "yes." She favours Emily over Amy because they share the same name.

nina said...

5 in a little young for hair dye i agree. perhaps a happy compromise, one purple streak?

Once my kids hit middle school i put down the battle of the hair. i had too many other battles some of which i lost anyway haha.

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