Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm back!

More or less.

The move went well....we're here, unpacked, somewhat settled.

I'm still trying to convince the dog that the tie-out chain is not evil. He's used to having a tiny fenced yard to run around in. The end result has been a few accidents in the house, and growing frustration on my part. When I open the patio door and put his chain on, he runs inside. And then I put him outside. And then he stands at the door, staring in, with a perpetually confused look on his face while he doesn't do his business. I leave for work, he heads for the basement - and as soon as I get home, find his mess and say (in my stern pet-owner voice) "What's this?" he hides from me because he knows he's made a mistake. Often I walk him before work - this works well - but sometimes his walk comes after work.

I'm attempting positive reinforcement. Treats! Going outside is fun!

Really, that is my biggest concern. So it can't be that bad.

The move has been hard on Emily. She likes the house, likes her new room and new bed, but generally dislikes change. It will take some time for her to adjust.

I've misplaced my camera USB and can't upload the photos I took of the move. As soon as I find it.....

I've made a new friend. I'm enjoying the process of getting to know her.


Robin said...

Hi Arial==

Saw your comment about Dr. Seuss on my blog...thanks! I remember when I used to read On Beyond Zebra to my daughter when she was just mastering the alphabet, and when we would keep going after Z she would look at me with utter confusion on her face!

Thanks for the visit to my blog, hope you'll keep reading. I looked at yours today...great!

I have to ask did you manage to lose all the weight? Wow.
I need to lose quite a bit of weight myself and would love any tips!

Avril Fleur said...

Hey, it's nice to see you back! I'm glad that the move went well and that you're settling in. Also nice to hear about your new friend! Exciting!

Propane Amy said...

Well, welcome back Lady! You've been missed!!

Glad to here the move went well and you are pretty much settled in. AS for your pup and the new chain, my little guy was the same way at first. I used to be able to let him out the door and he wouldn't run away, as he's gotten older, he has started running away. So i tie him up now but it was a chore the first couple weeks. I would go out with him so he could see that it is possible to go thru the yard tied up. Of course bribing him with treats helped....LOL. Now he's a pro and he actually enjoys it.

writeslikeagirl said...

Congrats! I'm sure everyone will be settled in soon and the kinks will iron themselves out. Glad to have you back.

Hahn at Home said...

Congrats on the move - it's both fun and unsettling isn't it? I've moved every year for the past four and am about to do it again. Each move in the same general area too.

Hopefully, you've found time to take the dog on walks to help with its situation now that things are calming.