Monday, March 16, 2009

Friday the 13th

Short and sweet (well, as sweet as I can be right now)

1. My work hours were cut from 40 to 20. Somehow this doesn't work for me.

Only until July, if I can hang on that long.

2. I received 5 phone calls from my doctor's office in a 2 hour time span (I checked my calls much later), when they finally gave up and called my ex. He gave them my work number, and they "strongly advised" me to go directly to the hospital.


My hemoglobin level was 69. Normal is 110. Apparently I'm severely anemic. I had no idea. People kept asking me if I was feeling okay and I kept saying "I'm fine, I'm fine." And I have been...or so I thought.

No wonder I've felt so tired lately. I was blaming my crazy work hours. I'm starting to ask myself what normal is, and if I'll ever get there.

I had a transfusion, and spent 12 hours in hospital - all of that time was in emerg. No sleep. I though I was tired before my Saturday passed in a bit of a haze. My hemoglobin was up to 90 when I left, which is still below normal.

The doctor on call at my clinic called me Saturday afternoon to find out how I was doing. This NEVER happens. I must be really sick.

Which is funny, when I think about it because I don't feel unwell. Just tired.

I was in room 13 at emerg. No kidding.

3. My ex's company is laying off. We are waiting and seeing. If we are both out of work at the same time, it will not be pretty. If he keeps his job, we will be able to swing the cut in hours...I'm tied to that centre because Emily is enrolled there, and another change would really not be good right now. And I really like my job. That being said, if I have to get another job, then I will. If I can.

At work on Friday the kindergarten age children were conducting surveys among the staff and kids. They wrote everyone's name down on a piece of paper and asked what our lucky numbers were.

Mine? 13.

Well, it could be worse. I still have a job.

And I can work on getting well again, now that I know there's something wrong.

I apologize for not being around too much lately. I've been reading when I can and haven't had a lot of time to comment. Between moving and unpacking and feeling like all I want to do is sleep, I've let a few things slide...hopefully in a few weeks, things will be back to normal.

And, hey, I'll have a lot more time for blogging! That must be good.


Propane Amy said...

Oh sweetie, I hope you are really OK. Take it easy, rest up, relax, and read all the blogs you want!! LOL. I'll be thinking about you and wishing you well.

Pat said...

Iron poor blood? You're not Geritol age yet!

Get better!

Avril Fleur said...

Hope you are feeling better and I also hope you start supplementing with some iron. My doctors insisted that I take it from the moment I had my weight loss surgery 10 years ago and told me I'd probably need to take it for life. Especially since it's not as easy to eat meat with the smaller stomach.

13 is also my favourite number! Of course, it's also my birthday!

Camlin said...

I'm trying to eat meat but I find it difficult...I didn't eat much to begin with. And i have been taking oral iron supplements, but it seems as though I need to step things up a bit.
I'm paying lots of attention to which foods are rich in iron - bran flakes, for example, provide 35% of the recommended daily intake of iron. Arugula provides 20% in a half-cup serving. Spinach is also good. There's a lot of iron in pistachios. But when your body doesn't absorb all the nutrients you take in, that can be extra challenging.

Would I have the surgery again? Absolutely! The benefits outweigh the disadvantages....but I need to monitor my vitamin levels more closely from now on.

I also think I need to do something about my very heavy periods....

Earth Muffin said...

Don't you dare apologize for not posting lately! You have to concentrate on feeling well and settling the other not-so-fun stuff going on in your life. Take care!