Thursday, September 17, 2009

just bits of news

Bullets are the best I can do today...

  • the keyboard on my new laptop is seriously messing me up. I can't type worth shit right now, so everything I do is slow. And I'm really not sure if this machine is any faster than my old one. It has a lot more memory...that's a good thing.
  • My daughter's teacher has a son the same age, who is in my after school program in a different town. Because of this, the school principal has decided that she should change classes. Conflict of interest apparently - as a small-town girl, I seen all kinds of this stuff happen, and to me it's no big deal - because I'm a professional and I know the difference between a personal and a professional relationship. But the decision has been the school tells me. I have mixed feelings - Emily hates change, and when I broke the news to her yesterday, she cried and cried. She has a great teacher, and I think she would do just fine in the class she's in...I'm not going to say anything to the school ever again, because I also know the teacher in the class she's moving to - a little bit anyways....and I'm afraid they'll move her again, not that they have anywhere else to move her. But her new teacher will provide an excellent queer-positive environment, if you get what I'm saying. So that counts for something.
  • I have writer's block, I have it bad, and I can't get going creatively. I think I'm stuck!
  • Have you ever met someone that you felt a really strong connection to, and then had them suddenly disappear from your life for n reason at all? It sucks.
  • I like my new job. Except on Wednesdays when I work from 7:30 - 6. And even then, I like the work, just not the long day.
  • I think we sold the house. And that means that my life, other than with regards to Emily, will be completely separate from the ex's in a few months. This is good.
  • I went out for dinner last Friday in a small SW Ontario town and ended up singing on stage with the house performer. Yes, alcohol was involved. I'm a cheap drunk, but I have fun!
  • I need to sing more often.
  • I find Top Chef (Las Vegas, running on Food Network)very distracting for all the wrong (or perhaps right) reasons.
  • I have to go now, or I will be late for work!!


Anonymous said...

Is it Padma?? Is it Ashley?? Who is it?? Oh, or is it the food. Please don't let it just be the food. ;)

Ang said...

Yay for singing even if it was drunck singing. Sorry bout your daughter hopefully she will adjust.
Believe me I know all about having someone your connected to disappear for no reason. Glad your liking the new job and may have the house sold.

Anonymous said...

It sucks the school did that with your daughter but can understand why. It is sad to see how parents react anymore to the dumbest things. They are worse then the kids. It went has far as one parent blaming another for kids behaviors.
Congrats on the house!
And yes, strong connection with someone. The person didn't leave completely but has pushed me away big time and yes it sucks regardless.

Camlin said...

Greg - my enjoyment of Top Chef has very little to do with the food. Ashley....mmmmm.

Dragon - if I had a personal relationship with the teacher, I would completely understand. But it's a professional relationship. The change was initiated by the principal, not by the teacher, for reasons of policy. There have been no conflicts, and there wouldn't be a conflict. The good news is that Emily is doing much better with the change than I thought she would.

Ang - any kind of singing is good singing, but I'm slowly overcoming my stage fright, which is awesome!

MakingSpace said...

I'm glad Emily is doing well with the change, and that your life is moving forward. I bet your connection hasn't disappeared. I just bet. And - speaking as a singing teacher, I say, SINGSINGSINGSINGSING!!!! And you can have Ashley. Merry Christmas. Feel better? LOL