Sunday, October 17, 2010

it gets better

I did it.

Blessings to all of you.


reeflightning said...

i salute your courage in exposing your pain and vulnerability so that others may gain strength from your experiences.

what else can i say, the cruelty we humans are capable of is frightening.

there is a sweetness to your soul, it flowers in your words, i wish i could hear you sing and play.

you have triumphed anna!
you may carry the scars of "man's inhumanity to man" but you carry them in victory.

i will ask my children to share this with my grandchildren,in order that they may learn the consequences of cruelty and understand that in this world of fear, we are never alone.

it is an honour to know you.

thank you for sharing.

B said...

OMG, Anna! May I put this on my blog, please?

Camlin said...

yes - share as you see fit. This is not just my story. Thank you for watching, and for wanting to pass it on.

Redbone210 said...

So courageous and powerful and moving. There is a universal truth in your words that brought me to tears.

You have a gift. Thank you for sharing this very intimate work.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. Thank you for doing this.

poet said...

i applaude you. what a stand you have taken. and how proud you must be, for i am certain everyone who views this is proud of you. take care and make today GREAT~

Making Space said...

Thank you Anna. I'm crying. I'd love to share this as well, if it's all right.

Beautiful. I'm speechless. Thank you.

Earth Muffin said...

Oh, Anna! *sniff* Thank you for the permission to share this. It is wonderful. ((Hugs)) to you!

Just Me said...

thank you