Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I should tell you that
my open hands, splayed
veins prominent
encircling my wrists
rising into long fingers,
I once knew those hands
as sausages are
in rounds of fat.
And those hands
were idle
waiting,it seems
for someone to
hold them.

But this moment,
these hands,
lean, bony, sinewy,
are hands of action.
Pen-gripping, pick-wielding
the left fingertips calloused
with practice
and persistence. With purpose.
they can move gently
across an animal's furred back,
encircle a child's heart,
caress sloping shoulders,
read braille in a body curve.
They refuse lethargy, they
do not wait
to be held.

Hands with purpose
make light work
of heavy burdens
and drip
with their own sweetness.

(I know, I know I should be doing a proper update, but I'm feeling poetic today - and there's a lot more going on internally than I'm properly able to explain in the few short moments I find myself with at the end of the day. But things are mostly positive...especially when I think positive thoughts. And life is good! I'll try to squeeze a few blogging moments in tomorrow, after family literacy night, or perhaps Thursday after coffee...Friday, maybe?  )


small town dyke said...

love the poem!!! seems like you are in a good moment. good for you!!!

Jude said...

"life is good" says it all and yes, blog more.....at some point.

loved the poem too....esp. "make light work of heavy burdens". shows the right attitude.

Ang said...

I loved this.....post thank you

reeflightning said...

inspiring words camlin. blog when you are ready ...
"patience is a virtue", or is it? debatable ...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful poem, Camlin.

Anonymous said...

You can use poetry as filler any time you like. :) This one is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Poetic is good. :-) Love the poem.

m.m.sugar said...

Wonderful poem!

Maria said...

I like to read poetry but could not write it to save my life...

~Just me again~ said...

Very nice poem!

jelly said...

I agree, you can use your poetry anytime. Beautiful words.

Murray said...

It sure seemed like a proper post to me:-) I really liked your poem. More please...

Making Space said...

Beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Kalisis Rising said...

Beautiful! Inspiring too.