Saturday, October 31, 2009


Given my previous post regarding Samhain and divination, how would you interpret the following story symbolically?

I went to my ritual last night, and one of the many blessings I received came in the form of a piece of polished snowflake obsidian. The priestess of the ritual (we take turns) had provided small drawstring pouches for our stones.

When I got home, I realized that I had (quite accidentally, of course) taken home someone else's wedding rings. They were in the pouch alongside the piece of obsidian that I had chosen.

It reminds me of the fortune-telling games, where rings and keys and things like that are put inside cakes.

Any ideas?

PS...for those waiting for their readings...they'll be up after midnight or early tomorrow morning.


Making Space said...

I got nuthin.

Were you taking orders for readings? Are you still? If so can I get in on that action? If not, OK. I missed a post or two I guess.


Camlin said...

LOL! I was hoping someone would tell me that there is romance and partnership in my future!

I'll do a reading for you. Three card spread....'tis the season!

kimber p said...

I don't get how the rings ended up in the pouch with the obsidian to begin with...did everyone put something they valued in the pouches?

I think it means that when you are concentrating on something else you'll find love in a very unexpected place.

Do I win a reading? lol

Camlin said...

It was a fluke - someone put their rings in a bag and left them near the other, empty bags. I picked it up, dropped my stone inside, and took it home. The stone and the bag are both small - but it was very late - and I didn't realize they were there until I got home.

Sure, you can have a reading :)

jelly said...

I was thinking it was just a error on someone's part, putting their ring and things in the wrong spot.
Or maybe you are meant to have some sort of contact with the person whose ring you got by mistake?

Laura Lee said...

I think it is a sign of a coming relationship too... you or someone close to you!

Perhaps someone put them there purposefully... hmm!

Camlin said...

I had to be a bit circumspect...because the person who owns the rings occasionally reads the was a total coincidence. She left them in a small cloth bag, and there were six or seven identical empty bags on the altar. Ordinarily, not a big deal - but there was a lot of divination going on and some wish-making involved with the stone that went into the bag. I view it as symbolic, but not specific to the person who left them there.