Thursday, August 27, 2009

the last time I saw Daniel

(By my calculations, I am about three posts behind. I'm attempting some kind of sequence here - one more Michfest poem, a poem I wrote while I was camping - geez, what's with the poetry lately? But I'm going to post things slightly out of order, so that I can pay tribute to someone special....)

The last time I saw Daniel

The last time
I saw Daniel
he was
helping clear tables
conversing over cake slices.
His smile?
As always, bright
even though
laughter had
left his eyes.

The last time I saw Daniel
with dark-eyed
and that
leather coat
I admired so much,
he hugged me
in the church basement
and smelled
of unwashed male.
A clue.

The last time
I saw Daniel
I knew his recent history
heard of
his battles with
ease that
followed and
slowly killed
him, inch by

The last time
I saw Daniel
he said
he was tired
and he
told no jokes
that I recall.
He'd stopped painting,
gave up
the vestiges of
found a new
and he knows my
He said he was okay.

The last time
I saw Daniel
I dreamed an
open door
with bright sunlight
and peace.
He sat, content
and smiled.
Held his hands
open and
"I'm finally free."

(rip Daniel P. I hope that you've found the peace that eluded you through your lifetime. You will be missed!)


Anonymous said...

So lovely.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Ang said...

amazing poem. sorry for your loss

MakingSpace said...

A beautiful tribute. So sorry for your loss. Peace to Daniel.

Anonymous said...

RIP Daniel.

Sorry for your loss, Camlin.

cvsprague said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Margo said...

I didn't know Daniel but now I do.
Deep breaths.