Saturday, August 22, 2009

honest scrap award

Lovely Margo has bestowed upon me the "honest scrap" award, and assured me that, really, there were no rules.

But I'm going to take a page out of her book and point you to a few of my favourite reads. I'm trying to stick to people who haven't had the award yet....Check them out!

a - Margo Moon is an amazing writer, and covers a lot of territory, from her beautiful and erotic fiction, to her own witty and timely political pieces.

I started reading Mon's blog more than a year ago. We were in almost exactly the same was so comforting to discover that there were other people out there, just like me, who were coming out at this age. She's had an incredible journey, and she just got out of the hospital, so she needs lots of love!

Maria writes beautiful pieces about her life with her partner and daughter. Her words are like a long drink of water after a walk through the desert. So refreshing, honest and satisfying.

Ang, because she has a beautiful soul, and an artist's eye.

Making Space is chronicling her own coming-out story (I really am trying to get away from saying mid-life because, whatever, my life is just beginning), and her blend of spiritual and personal discovery have me hooked!

For Margo, the Refocksa crew, and everyone else who reads, thank you! I don't feel so quite alone in the world when I find my way to your pages.

And now, some things about me...

I'm very ticklish

I sleep by candlelight every night.

I love thunderstorms and I'm fascinated by tornadoes, although I would never want to get too close to one...

I used to weigh 300 pounds. Most of you already know that...and although I've reached an ideal (for me) weight, I am sometimes still very uncomfortable with my appearance.

I am better at writing than I am at talking.

I love living alone, but I don't always like being alone.

I can't whistle. At all.

I believe in reincarnation. There are places I've been where I just "know" I've been there before.

I have two beautiful, smart and wonderful daughters. I don't know what I'd do without them.

I need to spend time outside every day or I start losing my mind. I take long walks to ground myself.

I have cried and laughed more in the past year than in the past ten.


MakingSpace said...

Wow Camlin! Love your list, and I'm so honored to have made your list of blogs you recommend. Can't wait to check out the others. Bless you and thank you for sharing your journey.

Hey, I'm writing this by candle light. Five candles is sort of a candle storm though, no? LOL

Earth Muffin said...

You described Maria's writing to a "T"! And I will definitely be looking up Margo Moon. Thanks for the tip!

Mon said...

Wow...I'm sorry I didn't see this until now, but I shall put it on my blog. I'm trying to get caught up on my favorite blogs, yours being the top of the list...