Sunday, July 13, 2008


What I am doing right now:
  • I just finished reading As the Crow Flies by Anne Marie MacDonald. It was an amazing book - and spoke to me in several different ways. Small town SW Ontario was much the same in 1962 (the setting of the book) as it was in 1974, when I moved from London to a small town in Perth County. Her book was inspired by the Stephen Truscott case - most people from Ontario are familiar with his story, and how last year he was finally acquitted. I started the book at home and finished it while camping near Tobermory, where her story ends. Who knew?
  • Next on my reading list is "The Night Watch" by Sarah Waters. I'm reading a book about chakras and energy fields and want to finish it before I start anything else.
  • After that I have "The truth about Stories" by Thomas King. Yes, I buy several books at once and then read them in an order that only I determine.
  • I am writing a short story that has its roots in my childhood experiences.
  • I am learning a lot of new stuff on my guitar. I recently sent an e-mail to my old guitar teacher (and mentor). I'm hoping that he and I can get together once in a while so that I can improve my technique. I'm not a very good guitar player - I sing, and I like to be able to accompany myself. I decided a few weeks ago that I need to be better with the guitar.
  • My birthday was Friday. I turned forty-three. I don't feel forty-three at all.

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