Saturday, June 30, 2018

I dreamed a dream....

Sometimes my dreams whisper to me.

This time I am struggling to remember parts of the dream, but it was significant, so I have to share as much as I can.

I went to bed thinking to myself - or rather, asking - what messages do I need about the future? Things feel very bleak to me. I used to do this all the time, ask and dream, until my sleep cycle became erratic.

In my dream, my partner, my teen daughter and I were standing in the living room. It was our living room, but in the way of dreams it was open to the world on all four sides via large picture windows. It was dark, and we were being given narration, and all the scenes unfolded around us like a 3D movie. Parts of the narration were fuzzy, so I will encapsulate as best I can. But |I could see rows and rows of tents and people being marched out in front - prisoners, you might call them.

The narrator was speaking of dissent. He (interpreted as male) said that already, dissent was becoming suppressed, that people who spoke out against conventional power structures were being ridiculed and shamed. (This is true). Some have been arrested. He told me that if this trend continues, it may happen that those people who openly disagree with the government could also be jailed, or sent to camps.

(Full disclosure - I am|Canadian and although we are under no immediate threat, things could change at any time. My province is under a Conservative government with no plan beyond lowering the price of gas and beer, and tearing apart the social supports that took years to build, including health care and education, although they won't say that. I have a measure of safety compared to my friends in the US. I will fight like hell to keep it).

My narrator said that even though it was already beginning, it was vital for people in the resistance to organize. And by organize, he meant both politically and socially. We need to become a unified force of peaceful resistance, a body of loving humans who walk the talk. We need to form alliances and groups in neighbourhoods, not for political gain, but to provide community-building, support and help for those in need, because those needs will increase. And we need to resist, with loving and open hearts.

Here's the thing that was happening at the same time: my partner and I were both carrying our phones, but they had somehow become loudspeakers. While we were watching and listening to this important information, there were constant and random interruptions - like Facebook and Twitter feeds on audio, and the stream of consciousness was being broadcast continually.

It interfered with our ability to understand and retain important information. For example (the one I remember) a female voice keep squawking "I need to park" over and over again, and I couldn't shut it off.

After the "scene" was over, we all went to bed - I was still dreaming - and I couldn't sleep. The phones were still noisy. I felt the need to check the house, so I got out of bed and moved from room to room - everything was clear of negative energy inside and peaceful outside.

end of dream

My take away: everyone knows this but I am hammering it home: our phones, our easy access to information and misinformation, are a huge distraction. They are distorting truth (the users and the corporate power structures, which I like to call the overculture, not the phones) and causing disruptions in our thought patterns. I couldn't see all the images I was meant to see, or hear the narration at points because I was being interrupted by advertising, and individuals musing on their need to park.

Phones are useful tools, but they have taken over - we need to put technology back into perspective and spend more time with real people, in our neighbourhoods, and in nature, forming the physical and emotional connections that an inanimate device can't offer us.

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