Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Won!

Sinnerviewer gave me this lovely award:

In exchange for accepting said award, I must list five addictions. Or, as Sinnerviewer did, list five things I really, really like. The problem is choosing only five do I narrow it down?

1. Girls...with guitars.

Like her:

And her:

And her:


We are just scratching the surface here folks....

2. Girls with knives....eta...I mean chefs....

Like her:

(Chef Lynn Crawford)

And her:

(chef Lisa from top chef)

And her:

(chef Kat Cora)

Which leads to addiction number 3:

The Food Network. Canadian version. Restaurant Makeover, Top Chef, Iron Chef, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Hell's Kitchen et all. I started watching when I had a herniated disc and I can't stop. One of my favourites is Chef School, a reality show based on the Stratford Chef School. I've lived near Stratford most of my life, and I've met(or know people who know, it's a small town, really) a few of the students and chefs featured on the show.


Chocolate. Enough said.


For my non-Canadian readers, it's just the best darn coffee on the planet. When I move, the nearest Tim's will be three blocks away, instead of conveniently across the road. Waahhh! (insert inarticulate whining sounds here....)

Now, I am supposed to list five people on which to bestow this lovely award. But I don't think that I have five if you're reading, and you haven't won yet, consider yourself tagged.


Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo! I won something, finally! This is a cute posting, congrats on your fine award. I concur on the girls with guitars, but, um...did you mean "dykes on bikes" instead of "girls with knives"?...just seems a little dicey to me, no pun intended!

Camlin said...

Dykes on bikes would also work, because I like them, too. My girls with knives are chefs. Hmmm....Maybe I should clarify in the post. I'm not looking for anyone *that* dangerous.

kimber p said...

I found you thru Propane Amy's blog, I have a thing for rocker girls too :) I'm still waiting to steal a kiss from Joan Jett! have a wonderful week...

Sinnerviewer said...

Doesn't Hell's Kitchen ROCK? I love Gordon Ramsey. So abusive - it's just hot.

Camlin said...

I love Gordon Ramsay too, but on British TV, he is slightly less abrasive. I don't like how his fits of anger are sensationalized for the American audience...but I'm glued to the TV on Mondays at 10 anyways, watching the drama in Hell's kitchen unfold.

I'd hate to work for him. But I know real-life chefs (and other people in other walks of life) that are just as bad - or worse.

Sweet Melissa said...

Amy Ray...nice. A past crush of mine.

writes like a girl said...

Well, You go Girl. So nice to win an award for your blog.

Janet said...

Well since you have seven comments -- I am going to believe I have missed the tag. gggg

Pat said...

FWIW, I live in Rochester, NY and we have Timmy's all over the place. WAYYYYYYY better than that Starschmuck place!