Friday, December 26, 2008


It took a while, but I finally managed to upload some pics from my camera. Here's a wee visual glimpse of my life.....The photos are in no order whatsoever because that's how Blogger uploaded them.

The town I work in:

My puppy waits for his winter outing:

Girl with a broken leg:

My reward for shoveling all that snow:

My street in winter:

My attempt at a self-portrait after coaching from my teenage nieces:

Emily opening her favourite gift - a pink poodle webkinz:

Me on Christmas Eve with the re-decorated tree:

My kitchen. I love my kitchen. That's one thing I will be sad at leaving behind when I move:

The tree (before it looks much the same now):


reeflightning said...

canada looks cold! brrrr....

Maria said...

What lovely curly hair you have! I have always coveted curls.

Camlin said...

It gets cold this time of year, and then hot and humid in summer. We've had more snow than usual so far.

Maria, thanks. My hair has always been wavy, but after I buzzed my hair six months ago, it grew back in mom asked me on Christmas if I got a perm. I like it. I wish it would grow longer instead of growing bigger, but I like it.